Does life imitate art? 

Remember the awful film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, in which the muscular Arnold got pregnant and bore a child? (“Junior”, 1994).

Well, guess what. A former Hollywood beauty queen named Tracy underwent a sex-change operation, became a man, and then married Nancy, divorcee with two children from her previous marriage. The couple wanted to have a child of their own, but Nancy had problems getting pregnant.

Now, in the sex-change operation, “Tracy” had chosen to retaine his/her uterus and reproductive organs. So he became the one to bear their child. The birth will occur in a few months. His pregnancy has of course attracted world-wide attention, on BBC and with the couple appearing, inevitably, on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

“Tracy” says that child-bearing is not a male or female thing, but simply a human desire – to bring life into the world.

My question is: will baby Nova call Mom/Dad, Mom? or Dad? Will he or she call Mom, Mom? How about Mom one and Mom two? No, too long. 

Innovation is not without its problems.