Urginea (“Hatzav” in Hebrew)

In large parts of Israel, a strange tall flower, whose botanic name is Urginea, is blossoming. Its Hebrew name is Hatzav. 

Wait. Run that by me again. Blossoming, during the driest season of the year, when no rain falls at all? In August and September? Flowers blossom in the spring, right?  

Not the Hatzav. Based on the principles discovered by Charles Darwin – natural selection, survival of the fittest — the Hatzav has discovered an evolutionary trick. If you blossom when no other flower does, you gain competitive advantages that help you survive and procreate. Bees and wasps fertilize your flowers, because there is little else around. When other flowers are more dormant, you get a bigger share of resources and groundwater.  

In innovation theory, we call this blue oceans innovation. Perhaps, viewing the fields of hatzavim, we should call it white oceans. 

Weird flower? Even Nature has discovered the value of being different, totally different – long long before human beings did.