Prof. Patrick George operates on brains 100 times a year. He also lectures at the Solvay Business School to MBA students.

What does he lecture about?

About his unique innovation, called “passion investing”. George has a company called Passion Investments. Here is how it works.

Each year the Michelin Guide is published listing Europe’s restaurants and grading them according to ‘one star’, ‘two star’, etc. George emails all the one-star restaurants, asking if they are interesting in investing the estimated 500,000 euros it will take to get a second star. Surprisingly about a third say yes! George then seeks a wealthy individual with a passion for food. They put up the cash, in return for a share in the business, plus added perks, like guaranteed bookings, special meals and cooking lessons.

The key to the model is simple. Put your money where your passion is. Combine your investments and your passion. Make money and have fun at the same time.

This is an example of what Gary Hamel calls a business innovation. George has for a decade applied his model, as a ‘virtual company’, with 20 other full-time academics from European universities and business schools, who seek unusual investments for wealthy clientele. George says his network has raised some 100 m. euros for restaurants, artists, films, museums, universities and business schools. 

“Passion Investing” is described in the Dow-Jones “Wealth Bulletin”,, which accompanies the European Wall Street Journal.