How many countries can you name that have a Cabinet Minister whose title is Minister of Innovation?

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has appointed one. Last June 28, Brown appointed John Denham Secretary of State, head of the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills. His post was created after the old ministry, Education and Skills, and Trade and Industry, was abolished. 

Denham’s mandate? “Make Britain one of the best places in the world for science, research and innovation”,  along with “development, funding and performance” of higher and further education. 

It will be fun to watch Denham’s progress, as he is already a year into his job, to see how innovative he is, at making Britain more….innovative. 

It will also be interesting to see which countries emulate Britain and appoint their own Ministers of Innovation. China? America? Israel? 
*source: Wikipedia, “Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills”