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Camera Chips Restore Sight

By Shlomo Maital

 An amazing report on today’s BBC news reports about an innovation that can restore sight to those suffering from a congenital disease that damages the retina. 

  The innovation implants a microchip, very similar to those that give cell phones and digital cameras their ability to convert images into digital signals,  just below the retina.  The chip conveys electric pulses to the brain, and the brain, that amazing organ, converts those pulses into images.  Those who formerly had no sight at all, and were totally blind, are enabled by the device to regain some 2 per cent of their vision. This sounds like very little – but it is sufficient to recognize objects, identify sources of light, to see forks and knives, and even to read letters that are 5-10 cms. high.

   The operation shows promise to restore vision more widely to the vision-impaired.