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Dollarocracy: A p.s. from Donald Trump

By Shlomo Maital

No-one could have possibly dreamed this up. Yet it is true.

  Donald Trump is a candidate for President of the United States, running for the Republican nomination.  He has promised to put up $600 m. of his own funds.  But this is far from enough, because he will need another $1.4 b. in order to match Obama’s war chest. So he is fund-raising (!), asking ordinary Americans to give up their lunch money, to ‘invest’ in him.

  Invest?  In Donald Trump?  The person who brought you Trump Hair, The Apprentice, and celebrity divorce?  Is Trump the person to lead America back from the brink of mediocracy?   So far, Trump’s main to-do list focuses on challenging the legitimacy of Obama’s birth in Hawaii. Trump thinks Obama was born elsewhere and has paid investigators to check it out.

   Don’t count Trump out.  I think that with enough money, you could elect George Bush’s dog Barney (or his companion Miss Beazley) as President.  Just run enough 30-second negative ads disparaging the opponent’s birthplace.   

    How many millions of Americans will vote for Don Trump, just because they hate politicians and think an outsider could do a better job?  How long will it take for a truly capable candidate to step forward (say, Paul Otellini of Intel, or Jeffrey Immelt of GE)?  And when will dollarocracy end, and true democracy begin, in America?