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What Would You Write to God?  Seven-to-nine-year-olds Know Best!

By Shlomo Maital

    While cleaning out some old books, I found an old paperback, first published 35 years ago, called “Children’s Letters to God”.  The authors, Eric Marshall and Stuart Hample, note in their Introduction that “grownups know for certain, that no matter how much postage they carry, [their letters] will not get there…”   but children believe, children imagine…and that is why the seven-to-nine-year-old’s are so much more creative and imaginative than we adults are.   Here is a sample:

● Dear God, I would like all the bad things to stop.    Debbie

● Dear God, My father is mean. Please get him not to be. But don’t hurt him. Martin.

● Dear God, Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones, why don’t you just keep the ones you got now?  Jane.

● Dear God, If you will make me invisible when I want to I will do all the things you want. Is it a deal?  Your friend, Gordon

● Dear God, The people in the next apartment fight loud all the time. You should only let very good friends get married.  Nan

● Dear God, How come you didn’t invent any new animals lately? We still have just all the old ones.  Johnny

● Dear God, Church is alright but you could sure use better music. I hope this does not hurt your feeling. Can you write some new songs?  Your friend, Barry

● Dear God, Why did you make so many people? Could you make another earth and put the extras there?  J.B.

● Dear God, I am doing the best I can, Frank.

● Dear God, I want to be an inventor but I don’t know what to invent. Carl

● Dear God, if you made the sun, the moon, and stars, you must have had lots of equipment. Paul.

● Dear God, I remember when you were a baby, you were born in a manger, Brenda

● Dear God, Mrs. Coe got a new refrigerator. We got the box it came in for a new clubhouse. So that’s where I will be if you are looking for me.  Marvin.

● Dear God, on Halloween I am going to wear a Devil’s costume. Is that all right with you? Marnie

● Dear God, can you marry food?  Martha

● Dear God, are boys better than girls? I know you are one, but try to be fair. Sylvia.  

● Dear God, how did you know you were God?  Charlene

● Dear God, are you rich, or just famous?  Steven

● Dear God, Do plastic flowers make you mad? I would be if I made the real ones, Lucy

● Dear God, Your book has a lot of zip to it. I like science fiction stories. You had very good ideas and I would like to know where you found them.  Your reader, Jimmy    

● Dear God, If we live after we die why do we have to die then? Ron

● Dear God, Why do I have to pray when you know anyway what I want? But I’ll do it if it makes you feel better. Sue

● Dear God, If I was God I wouldn’t be as good at it. Keep it up. Michelle